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What President Trump Did To Air Force One Will Make The Democrats FAINT! All It Took Was An Hour!

It’s easy to spend the taxpayer’s money, something that Obama was constantly doing while he stayed at the Oval Office. The things changed since Trump arrived to the White House.

The well-experienced businessman knows how to deal with financial games, and started reducing the government’s expenses since the first day in the office.

The newest information will surely surprise you, as he managed to save more than $1 billion dollars from the taxpayers money in just an hour and a half negotiating.

According to USA Politics Today:

Trump respects his people, and appreciates the taxpayers by saving their money on the government’s account. Compared to Obama, who used to travel with the Air Force One in every American state, Trump managed to save $1 billion dollars for the new Air Force One Boeing’s.

“I refuse to fly in a $4.2 billion plane. We’ve got that price down by over $1 billion and I probably haven’t spoken for more than an hour on the project. I got the generals in who are fantastic … but I told Boeing that isn’t good enough, the price is still too high.” said the President when the Boeing plan or the brand new 747’s arrived at the White House.

As The Washington Examiner reported: Trump managed to save $1 billion just in an hour and a half negotiating. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg agreed to reduce the price after the astonishing $4.2 billions bill was announced, as Trump reported on twitter.

Recently Trump expressed concern about the cost for the new government helicopters. The deal reached an estimated $11.2 billion, twice more than the originally planned cost. Even John McCain expressed his concern by saying: “Your helicopter is now going to cost as much as Air Force One. I don’t think that there’s any more graphic demonstration of how good ideas have — have cost taxpayers an enormous amount of money,” as the Gateway Pundit reported.

Finally we have president who respects his citizens and tries to save more taxpayers money, while the previous fella enjoyed the most luxurious hotels around the world payed from the government’s account. This is something to respect, but the fact that he is one of the greatest businessman in the world, shouldn’t surprise us. What do you think of this situation?

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