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WATCH: 3 Muslim Agents Caught SPYING On Trump, Evidence Points STRAIGHT to Obama

Obama and his sympathies towards Muslims, just made another damage to the American economy. Apparently these 3 Muslim brothers were one of the favorite Obama’s puppets.

The three of them managed to swamp more than $480,000 with their overpaid salaries and used government computers without authority to do so.

One of the brothers had criminal past, but somehow Obama wanted to hire him for his computer skills, and at the same time breaking the law. Take a look at this.

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

The three of them were working as information technology employees of the House. They are being investigated for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and their names are Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan.

Their financial activity included mortgage transfers and evading debt with bankruptcy. One of the brothers, Abid was running car business which he managed to bring to bankruptcy and stole the cars from the company. His company finished with million dollars in debt.

Apparently he ran his business while still working in the Congress, which is hard to believe, and the question is how managed to find himself on government’s payroll, while running his own business. Their suspicious work started much earlier when they had full access to highly classified government information, and some believe that they used their position to use the classified information.

It’s strange how they managed to slip trough the law, despite the fact that they were doing obvious criminal activity inside the government. Apparently with the help from Obama, they managed to hide their activities and hide from the law.

That’s why Trump needs to continue with his ‘cleaning’ inside the government, and bring these traitors at the Justice Department. Nobody should spend taxpayers money on traitors, and we should finally end this problem one for all. It’s comes as no surprise from Obama, we have seen much worse scenarios than this, but we should also see him behind bars soon. What do you think?

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