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Violent Mob Of Terrorist Supporting Muslims Just Showed Up On Trump’s Doorstep With Fiery Surprise – This Means War

Large Muslim crowds staged anti- U.S. marches on Friday, after the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Stomping posters of our president and burning American flags, were just some of the things, the protesters did to show their revolt. The violent riots in Gaza,  have led to the deaths of several people.

At the same time hundreds of Muslims attended their Friday prayers in front of the White House, back in the United States, as a way of protest or maybe even a threat.

This makes many Christians wonder why aren’t we protesting against the many pervasive issues of the Muslim community such as:  jihad terror attacks, honor killings, female genital mutilation, child marriage, pedophilia, spousal and child abuse?

President Trump in his address from the White House, on Wednesday, openly refused to obey the worldwide warnings, issued by leftists, globalists, and enraged Muslims. He expressed the need of a new approach towards achieving peace and described his recognition of Jerusalem as simply based on reality.

Namely, he just declared what US policy has always claimed – to see Jerusalem as  the capital of Israel, but for some reason now it is viewed as a controversial provocation to the Muslim community.

In fact, it has been a law since the passing of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 where the United States documented their plan to move its embassy to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. However the former Presidents Bill Clinton, Bush and Obama decided not to obey this law.

Unfortunately, it has been the mainstream media’s tradition to throw stones at the President for every single decision he has ever made, while in the White House, when in fact this issue is not at all controversial for anyone, except maybe Palestine.

One of the protesters by the name of  Zaid al-Harasheh, said that the President’s decision is “not for peace” and is going to “create more chaos”. “Religious peace “? I don’t think so. All Muslims seem to do these days is spread threats and violence.

The Muslim people who protested in front of the White House, wore traditional  Palestinian keffiyeh scarves or clothing in the color of the Palestinian flag.  Many of them were also holding placards which were denouncing Israeli presence  East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other political leaders hailed Trump’s decision to obey the law of his country and recognize the Israeli capital in accordance with history.

Nevertheless, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad was very critical about Trump’s actions and said the President is “empowering Christian religious extremism in the US.” He went on saying that, “Trump does not own a piece of soil of Jerusalem and Palestine. He owns the Trump Tower. He can give it away to the Israelis.”

In reality the only thing controversial in this decision is the way it was received and the feedback that was given from Palestinian National Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas who is a well-known terrorist, a Holocaust denier and the financial architect of the Munich Olympic Massacre.

His organization, HAMAS is calling for a new initiative and accusing Donald Trump of being an  “aggressor” against the Muslim community.

Many people argue that if Palestine were given East Jerusalem exclusively than all problems would be resolved. But we are forgetting one major thing here, the PLA ( Palestine Liberation Army) whose only mission is to fight Israel. What the PLA wants is nothing less than to claim  the entirety of the nation of Israel as their own.

They very well proved this in 1967 when  Palestinian Muslims retained control of East Jerusalem, a period in which Jewish people were held under suppression and weren’t allowed any access, to any of the  Jewish holy sites including the Wailing Wall.

Even today some of these repressions are still in place. Jewish people are allowed to enter the Temple Mount just on specific Palestinian sanctioned times through only one of ten gates, and are not allowed to  pray there, while Muslims are free to enter Jewish sites whenever they please.

At the same time however,  Israelis are completely forbidden to enter any of the Muslim holy sites.

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