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Unhinged: Former President Obama Just Threw Deranged Public Tantrum

Although all the former presidents withdraw from the center of attention when their term is over, it seems like this isn’t the case with Obama. He can’t leave his successor run the nation in peace and he keeps on mixing fingers in his job.

Freedom Daily reported that ever since Obama left the office, he’s been following Trump wherever he goes and tries to get all the attention for him.

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This week, President Trump payed a visit to New York to speak before the U.N, and guess who was behind him the whole time? Yes, I’m talking about Obama.

The second he arrived in the city, Obama had a public meltdown and instead of feeling humiliated, his arrogance is not letting him realize that he embarrassed himself.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had an event to which Obama had an 18 minute speech. During this time, he referred to himself 42 times which means that he desperately tried to turn the spotlight on him.

While hailingwhat the Gates family has done to fight climate change, Obama said,  “Climate change…We can figure it out. It can be done. And that spirit, that spirit that says, to quote, I guess, myself, ‘Yes we can.’

Obama closed his speech by saying, “The last thing I’ll say so that I don’t sound like I’m still in the U.S. Senate and filibustering…” before offering a point, that he called a “profound one.”

Then, he recalled his Chicago days by putting himself in the center of attention again.

My early work as a community organizer in Chicago taught me an incredible amount, but I didn’t set the world on fire,” he said.

Well congratulations Obama, you’ve talked about yourself 96 times in an 18 minute long speech. He said “I” 78 times and “me”/”my” 18 times… His desperation can be spotted from outer space. He just need to let things go and leave President Trump in peace.

Featured Image Source H/T: USA Politics Today

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