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UNFOLDING NOW: Traitor McCain Was Just Caught PAYING For It! What’s Coming Next Will Kill Him!

Senator John McCain of the Republican party is dealing with his Democrat tricks again.

Tons of positive messages streaming through his Twitter feed seem to be supportive of the old fogey.

But, someone else did some digging around and noticed a trend. They spotted something that was alarming. It was very likely evidenced that McCain has paid for tons of fake messages from fake people to make it seem like he’s right and Trump is a awful President of the United States.

On many social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and many other, there’s something called technology and it allows people to utilize fake likes, comments, and followers. You can simply buy followers for very cheap on Google and you can also buy comments, likes, and almost anything else. This is possible by use of automated systems that generate fake profiles, then the counterfeit profiles create general remarks or like things.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, that might be what happened with John McCain. To be honest, who likes the guy except for Democrats? Also, Democrats won’t like him that much because he’s still technically a Republican in name, so it’s not like the Democrats genuinely get a seat out of him. Even if they do like him that doesn’t justify the extent to which the ridiculous amount of comments flowing in.  It’s almost like There’s a very long list of incredibly generic comments that could almost be said for anything.


“U.S. Sen. John McCain gets a lot of love on social media, but it’s fake and intended to attack President Trump, according to Julian Assange.”

“They show several accounts tweeting the same article, titled “John McCain just made a startling public accusation against Trump in the middle of phony Nunes memo release,” at exactly the same time.”

“One Twitter user, @LoudaCristy, pointed to a suspicious-looking site called “”

“That website published a pro-McCain article reporting on his criticism of Trump.”

“So did @milenbu and @DaryaBoyko4, as well as @petrina_liza.” – reported American Mirror


Trump is said to have Russian bots, but if you look at the majority of the Tweets supporting him, then you can tell they’re real people. That can not be said about McCain. Americans don’t love him because he doesn’t support his party. What an ogrelike traitor!

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