On his show, Carlson asked Ryan why he would use the opportunity to focus on illegal immigration rather than the struggles of U.S. citizens suffering from the opioid crisis or joblessness.”Hey Tucker, I’ve spent more time on the opioid epidemic in my career than you have ever. … So I’m not taking a backseat to you or anybody else on the opioid epidemic,” Ryan said. “You tell your president and your party to fund the damn bills we try put forth to make sure that these people can get treatment and recover.”

Carlson said to Ryan he “may agree” with passing bills to fight drug abuse, “but you’ve got a chance to send a symbolic message and you’re sending it. We know where your priorities are.”

Ryan replied, “Yeah we know where your priorities are, Tucker. Do something about it.” He then asked Carlson to “use your bully pulpit” but he was moved out of the TV frame and his microphone was cut.

On Twitter afterward, Ryan wrote, “The best thing we can do to honor victims of the opioid addiction epidemic is legislate meaningful solutions. I’ve been working on this for most of my career. @realDonaldTrump needs to get serious and demand the money needed to get our communities back on their feet.”