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Trump Found Out Girl Was Killed By Mexican Gang, Shows Up With HUGE Surprise For Her Mom

Тhe bad news about a girl who was brutally murdered by a Mexican gang called MS-13 reached the President Trump.

He couldn’t imagine what that girl’s parents were going through so he wanted to do whatever he could to make things better for the parents whose daughter was murdered by criminals who are likely to be illegal immigrants.

This was a horrible nightmare.The girl’s name is Kayla Cuevas, and President Trump wants to make sure no one forgets it.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, after a while Trump and his team  decided to put the case of the murdered daughter into the national spotlight. The mother of Kayla Cuevas was invited as a special guest to the State of the Union address. Everyone at the event honored Rodriguez and another set of parents except for some impolite Democrats. Humbling to the core was seeing the parents whose children were murdered by illegal immigrant gang members.

This reminded people that America cannot tolerate violent illegal immigrants. Very important conclusion is that border security is an immediate priority and violence from illegal immigrants are deffinitely not tolerated.

Rodriguez explained how she felt after she meet the president.

“It’s just an experience that no words can explain. You just felt that what we are doing is being recognized, being heard.”  she told.

Also she added He kissed me on my forehead which I was like, my god I am just a little pea in a pod, but he did acknowledge and I felt his connection that he felt my pain” .

“Not too many people get a chance to meet a president. We are both in shock about it.” said Robert Mickens, who was also in attendance for the State of the Union and whose daughter Nisa Mickens was also killed by MS-13.

When people meet Trump, they’re often fascinated, and they can tell he’s exceptionally caring, polite, and wants to be the best President possible.

It was wonderful to watch the parents be honored during the State of the Union. Ofcourse there’s a part of their life that they can’t ever get back, but there’s now another memory they can cherish. It’s a memory that they can share with all of America and the rest of the world.

The most important is the fact that people DO care and people want to make things better. That’s the main stream of President Trump’s regime.

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