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Trump About To Boot Immigrant Actor Jim Carrey Back To Canada After SICK FL Shooting Pic He Posted

The immigrant aging actor who once was funny in his big screen hits in the 90’s, before inserting strong politics and his hateful opinion of President Donald Trump into his career, has now proved just how depraved he’s become. Perhaps Jim Carrey didn’t think that what his female counterpart Kathy Griffen did was grotesque enough when she posed with a replica of what would be Trump’s bloody decapitated head. He certainly didn’t learn from her devastating career demise when in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting he immediately went to work his own horrific “masterpiece.”

Carrey proudly shared his finished work of art with his 17 million followers on Twitter who didn’t seem to appreciate his disturbing piece, which conveyed an even worse message. In fact, he outraged much of the country with his horrific anti-American painting that proves he doesn’t belong in this country and needs to head back to Canada, where he’s from, if he hates so much about our country and president.

It’s bad enough that so many celebrities have become liberal activists since Trump was elected, using their public platforms to perpetuate hate with divisive messages they constantly share. However, Carrey has just outdone them all and apparently doesn’t seem to care if he has an acting career left after this. Afterall, he can always pursue his dream of being a repulsive political artist after debuting his latest in a series of hateful pieces he’s recently created.

Breitbart reports:

Actor-turned-political artist Jim Carrey shared his latest piece of original artwork on social media Sunday, a blood-soaked painting of a schoolgirl backdropped by the American flag, in an apparent response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida this month.
The 56-year-old Ace Ventura star shared the painting with his more than 17 million followers on Twitter, captioning the post: “Oh say, can’t you see?!”

The artwork depicts a school-aged girl sprawled out against the likeness of an American flag, with bloody notebook paper, a bloody knapsack, and a bloody footprint scattered all around her.

The painting is Carrey’s latest piece of politically-inspired artwork, as the comedian-actor has taken a step back from filming movie roles to focus on his art.

While Carrey seems to be enjoying and even profiting from the First Amendment right he’s given here in America as an immigrant, why does he stay in the country he seems to detest and disagree with so much? He can’t have it both ways, showing complete disrespect for our flag by depicting it drenched in blood underneath a child victim of a school shooting. Adding to that sickening sentiment, he intentionally altered the words of our National Anthem to introduce his blood-soiled flag image, doubling down on his hate for America.

It seems that with every one of Carrey’s paintings he portrays a worse message than the last, sharing them all on Twitter to fans who thought they were going to get funny sentiments from the comedian when they decided to follow him. Instead, he’s delivering the opposite.

“Carrey has shared a number of politically-inspired original paintings in recent months, all through his Twitter account,” Breitbart noted. “The actor announced this month that he was boycotting Facebook after he accused the social media network of profiting from Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

Nobody is forcing Carrey to stay in this country he feels is run by a “one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican Congress.” He’s free to leave but doesn’t seem to want to do that either since Trump has made America more profitable for him to benefit from. For as much as he hates the president, he sure does like using him to benefit from. What would Carrey do if Trump wasn’t in office since the irrelevant aging comedian’s movie career has long since fizzled out. He should be thanking the president for providing him the material he can twist far out of proportion to create attention for himself.

Carrey may be free to say whatever he wants, but that does not mean that he’s free from the consequences which could be devastating if the aftermath of comedienne Kathy Griffin’s career is any indicator of what he could soon face. Griffin was at the top of her game, with numerous pre-sold out shows around the country lined up as well as a regular spot on CNN when she bushed the bar too far and not even her most dedicated fans thought it was funny. Practically overnight, venues canceled her shows, she was fired from the news network, and the demise didn’t stop until it was all gone and she complained about being completely unhirable in Hollywood.

This same outcome shouldn’t be any different for Carrey who is abusing his notoriety to intentionally make things worse in America by deepening the divide between citizens who support our president and those who don’t. It’s fine to have a difference of opinion, disagree with policies and decisions, or to have voted for someone different who you wanted to be president but lost. However, to disgrace our flag and National Anthem, especially when you’re an immigrant to this country who graciously took you in and gave you huge opportunities, is sick and unacceptable.

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