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The Queen Gives Michelle Obama Royal Flogging After She Tries Stealing A Spot On Wedding Guest List

Michelle Obama spent eight years in the White House as former President Barack Obama’s first lady. Now she’s a regular citizen, with security guarding her at all times, and she’s just trying to live her life as an American woman. It seems like she’s a bit star struck at the wedding that will take place with Prince Harry and his love Meghan Markle. Being that Michelle is a just a regular girl now, it makes complete sense why she would try to sneak onto the guest list of the royal wedding! Why wouldn’t a regular American girl try to attend a royal wedding that would be so lush with food, drinks, extravagant entertainment, celebrities, and very important people? What person would not want to be there enjoying the limelight and a night of festivities filled with things regular people can’t afford?

A massive overly priced wedding is the dream of many American girls, so it makes perfect sense that the now regular girl in Michelle would try to push herself onto the guest list of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But that’s where the buck stops and The Queen gives Michelle Obama a fierce royal flogging. Queen Elizabeth might be a few years older than most, but she knows exactly what’s going on and she’s not afraid to put her foot down hard on the throat of nonsense. She probably saw this coming a mile away and she was very firm with her actions more than her words.

Michelle’s best accomplishment as First Lady was ruining public school lunches across America, giving kids horribly unedible food to throw away, and not really doing anything else but existing in the shadows of Barack and making funny faces for people to Photoshop. Michelle Obama was a dud who spent time on talk shows and danced around the likes of Ellen Degeneres, but really had no memorable accomplishments that would secure her a spot in a so-called legacy. So now we have a Michelle Obama who is nothing more than an afterthought of a former President, no true identity of her own, and she’s trying to weasel her way into the circle of people who are currently popular.

Barack Tweeted a gushing suckup Tweet directed towards royalty, as if he and Prince Harry are best pals from college. They’re not.

Michelle has been arranging speaking events, racking in easy cash, trashing Trump, and trying desperately to swoon her way to the Royal Wedding. One of her speaking events mentioned The Queen, but it didn’t work. Not even close.

Freedom Daily reports:
According to Page Six, Michelle took the opportunity to make fun of President Trump then immediately gushed over the queen. Both conversation deviations had no place in an event like this, but for calculated Michelle, it has a passive-aggressive purpose of saying that Trump wasn’t fit for her guest list, but since she loves the queen so much, she should get a spot.

I don’t think spending her time insulting the President of the United States is a way to make friends with The Queen. The Queen is a leader and she knows that regular citizens, even those whom were a former First Lady, should show respect to their superiors. There’s a line of respect and Michelle Obama keeps crossing into the “do not cross” zone. I believe The Queen sees that and knows it’s unacceptable. Is that who The Queen would want to be in photographs with?

I don’t believe The Queen would be well represented by associating with people who so eloquently waste time insulting the President instead of doing something productive with their time, money, and status. Surely people know who Michelle Obama is, but what is she accomplishing by talking trash on Trump in her expensive speeches? She’s wasting time and people’s money.

There was another time when Michelle met The Queen and it can best be described by the following paragraph:

“The Queen felt so grossly disrespected by Michelle that she royally snubbed the former first lady after the touchy-feely offense. When she flew into London with her mother and daughters in tow, expecting an audience with Queen Elizabeth only, she received a big slap-in-the-face instead, the Globe reported. Instead of spending the day with Michelle and her family who flew in to meet with her, the Queen ditched her and went off the horse race instead.”

Michelle Obama and I have something in common. Neither of us are invited to Prince Harry’s wedding.

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