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The MINUTE The Dallas Cowboys Took A Knee Tonight, All Hell Broke Loose

The Dallas Cowboys kneeled before the national anthem before their Monday game against the Arizona Cardinals. They capped off the weekend that had more than 200 players kneel down.

Owner Jerry Jones stood in the middle of the field and knelt with the rest of the team as the anthem was sung. Watch what happens the moment they do it, though.

Ahahaha. The crowd erupted in boos. That was wonderful to watch. That’s right, y’all. America is officially tired of people kneeling.

Singer Jordin Sparks sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” to the cheering crowd.

This has gotten totally ridiculous. Share this if you are tired of teams standing in solidarity of nothing. It’s our national anthem and people fought and died for it. The NFL could put a stop to this but they won’t. That says a lot about them.

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