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Susan Rice Against President Trump AGAIN! What President Macron Told Her Will BLOW Your Mind!

Susan Rice, previous national protection adviser and also considered as probable criminal is again going against Trump.

She was mad at the President about his, as she said, ‘immature’ speech for the UN, considering it as inadequate. On the other hand, France revealed that she was completely wrong.

“We might begin a procedure of dialogue about what comes next following the offer. However, we can’t-do that when throwing threats, whenever threatening to walk out, whenever acting just like a spoiled kid at the dining table,” stated Rice.

“So opening that relationship, having that dialogue, working with those on our side who want to negotiate the Iran Deal to think about what may come afterwards is very useful,” she continued. “But we can only do that effectively in the context of upholding our obligations to stay in the deal as long as Iran is complying — which it is.”

France’s President Emmanuel Macron stood by Trump’s side, right after he`s presentation.

“Is this contract enough? It is not, provided the development of the local situation as well as increased stress that Iran is exerting on the area, and provided increased action by Iran on the ballistic level because of the accord,” Macron in an interview to CNN.

Is Susan Rice right on this one, does President Trump still have your support as he did in 2016 elections. I urge you to share this and comment your thoughts below so we can figure that one out as soon as possible.

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