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Strange Woman Seen In Several Places Where Trump Has Been And You Need To Know Who She is

Liberals out there would love to say that President Trump is undermining his better half with another lady.

First Lady Melania Trump has been doing an exemplary job of keeping Donald Trump happy. While liberals have intimated something evil was going ahead with another lady, the lady they were truly alluding to Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Yet, there is nothing fishy going on.

29-year-old Hope Hicks is the present White House Communications Director who has been with the President since before he ran his presidential battle.

While some have alluded to her as his better half, she rather is one of the Oval’s most regarded and steadfast staff members. In any case, the grievous affirmations have just held on the most recent couple of months.

Smile 😉

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Hicks has invested energy with Kellyanne Conway and did particularly project during the presidential introduction and other prominent staff members.

The main reason individuals are blaming Hicks for this is on the grounds that she is a lovely, intelligent and classy woman.

On the off chance that she was monstrous and not prominent, these allegations would not exist by any stretch of the imagination. Which is the meaning of sexism, judging her in light of her looks and her sexual orientation. Also, it’s being finished by the liberal media no less.

AmoMama revealed,

Moreover, it is no secret that Trump had a history of being a womanizer. He had been involved in several controversies involving other women. Also, he has been married three times. Twitter users have also pointed out that Hicks’ office is quite near the President’s, which could suggest that they might be seeing each other more often than necessary.

There has not been any sort of confirmation regarding the story, but as reported by Daily Mail, Hicks was with the President during his five-country tour in Asia.

Hicks was photographed standing behind Trump while he was being interviewed by reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines on November 14, 2017. President Trump first visited Japan then headed to South Korea and China before going to his last stop in the Philippines.”

“As President Trump continues his tour of Asia, Hope Hicks continues to add to her increasing list of fashion statements.  The White House communications director donned a pretty floral number as she walked into a news conference between President Donald Trump and Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang at the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

Dress to impress

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While liberals love to see how ladies are held to an unexpected standard in comparison to men and are victimized but they are totally quiet about how unreasonably Hope Hicks is dealt with.

In any case, she is abused by Democrats and the liberal press just on the grounds that she is a Republican lady who works for the Trump organization.

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