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Six RINOs Paid By George Soros To Silence Trump! Guess Who’s Top On The List?

Battling against communists resembles attempting to fend off an octopus keen on eating you.

Each time you cut off one arm, another one grows.

This is what the conservatives have to confront each time when they need to manage liberal RINO Republicans standing near the radical Democrats.

But they seriously need to stop and invalidate each move President Donald Trump makes in attempt to achieve his promises he made during his presidential campaign in 2016. What’s disappointing is that, the man behind all the fighting, George Soros, has been financing the majority of the counter Trump movements.

The recent disaster with the Republican led health care bill shows that there is a war between moderate and conservative Republicans. Some of them are in the pockets of wealthy liberals who have monetarily compensated them to push back on President Trump.

According to our source, Conservative Flag, these are the six Republicans that took funds from George Soros:

John McCain
Lindsay Graham
John Kasich
Marco Rubio
Ron Johnson
Paul Ryan

Soros is worth over twenty-five billion dollars and has invested money into failed economies such as Greece which is in the middle of an economic crisis. He was a large contributor to former President Barack Obama’s campaigns as well. What the United States are facing from Soros is nothing less than a well-funded, well-organized and well-connected revolutionary conspiracy to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist dictatorship.

Using the money George Soros gave, Barack Obama got us 75 percent of the way there and Hillary Clinton was meant to get us through the final 25 percent, but Donald Trump’s election was something they did not account for. It is up to Soros to pay the protesters now to keep the anarchy and anger levels high until another liberal leftist can be found to push us all the way to the rabbit hole.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Conservative Flag.

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