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Sean Hannity RELEASES 4 Minute Video Of Obama Praising Islam!

Obama’s beloved relationship with Muslims is more than obvious, as he continues to defend them and their religion in every single case they are mentioned.

His supporters are trying to defend him by saying that we keep misunderstand his words, but some of them claim that he is Muslim. His religious beliefs came in doubt after his mother showed in public and claimed that he is not an American citizen.

As we can see on this video, Obama’s intentions towards Muslim population is more than just an ordinary sympathy. Take a look at this video that Sean Hannity released.

According to USA Politics Today:

After seeing this 4 minute video, we can confirm that Obama pro-Islamic declarations are bigger than anyone expected. When he ran for presidential elections, he claimed he was Christian (even though he sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s Black Theology church regularly when he lived in Chicago).

In this video he clearly shows his Muslim sympathies and say: “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world,” he is shown saying, before he continues on to say that “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

“Since our founding, Muslim Americans have enriched the United States,” Obama continues.

When you put all his comments together, you’ll see that Obama is very determined to push the “religion of peace.” We came in doubt after many legislation’s he had signed during his time in the office, allowing millions of Muslims from the middle-east countries, enter our borders.

His decisions made huge damage on our country, damage that we need years to heal and President Trump is doing his best to get America to the right path. It’s frustrating to hear how the former president loves the people who destroy America. What is your opinion on his speech?

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