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Sarah Sanders Sets Internet On Fire, Issues Terrifying Warning To Rachel Maddow About What’s Coming Next

The White House Press Secretary fights the good fight every day with the jackals in the liberal media.

Sanders wins more than she loses and in that job that is saying a lot about her.

President Donald Trump made no mistake when he chose her as his Press Secretary.

Sanders just sent CNN, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow a terrifying warning about what is coming next. The mainstream media has all been foaming at the mouth about Russia and sanctions and President Donald Trump’s response. They are outraged because the response has not been to their liking, but remember that President Donald Trump has always said he will never give away his military or strategic moves like Barack Obama did.

According to our source, Subject Politics, President Trump prefers action over empty words, so the Press Secretary went directly at the media to set the record straight.

“Just last week the department of homeland security met with a number of relevant stakeholders, they’re discussing this process and going through and looking every single day at the best ways forward. Everybody wants to blame this on the Trump administration, let’s not forget this happened under the Obama administration.”

“President Donald Trump and the administration have made it clear that interference in our elections will have consequences and we are going to continue to impose consequences in response to Russian cyber attacks. Just last week we called out Russia by name. It was one of the first times that you have seen something like that take place and we are going to continue doing things like that.”

Sanders wasn’t finished and sent a terrifying warning to the Russian media:

”He’s imposed sanctions, he’s taken away properties, he’s rebuilt our military… Just last week there was an incident that will be reported in the coming days in another way that this president was tough on Russia.” When this incident gets released it will shatter the Trump-Russia myth once and for all.

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