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Robert Mueller No Longer Investigating Trump? Caught With Muslim Radicals In White House

Muslims in America have had their days, as their leader Barrack Hussein Obama provided quite a good atmosphere to spread radical Islam across our country.

He worked with Muslims to successfully remove any mention of Islam from the FBI and Homeland Security training manuals.

And that made it extremely difficult for those who guard our country’s safety to properly protect us from terrorism.

We all think that our elected officials would have the best interests of the American people because after all they’re given the responsibility of safeguarding our lives. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Now learning a brand new scandal that while Mueller worked as Obama’s FBI chief, he was the one who specifically oversaw the purge of all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims.

Mueller provided jihadists at the highest levels of our government. The leading Islam scholar and political pundit Pamela Geller reported:

Obama’s pro-jihad policies in action. Is it any wonder we are behind the eight ball? The jihadis are running the show. Two of the most notorious Muslim Brotherhood terror-tied groups in America purged all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims, at the behest of FBI chief Mueller. 

Pamela Geller pointed out how CAIR displays a consistent pattern of encouraging Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement,” as they seek to infiltrate every aspect of our society with their radical agenda.

It is now left to President Trump needs to drain the swamp, and do that fast. Not only does Mueller need to be removed from the Russia-Trump investigation, but an investigation into his treason against our country has to be started immediately.

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