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Reporters Were Left STUNNED After Sarah Huckabee Exposes Their Lies to the American People

During a press briefing today, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to be bullied by members of the press who want a free pass for times when they knowingly spread false information.

“When journalists make mistake they should own up to them, and often you don’t. There’s a very big difference -“

The reporters are interrupting Sarah to argue a point in the middle of her answer. This is when she stops them in their tracks and says

“excuse me, I’m not finished. There is a very big difference between making an honest mistake and purposely misleading the American people – something that happens regularly. You can’t say -“

Again, the reporters interrupt her but she doesn’t let them get a single word in.

“I’m not finished yet. You cannot say – you cannot say that it’s an honest mistake  when you’re purposely putting out information that you know to be false. … I’m speaking about the number of reports that have taken place over the past few weeks. … There should be a certain level of responsibility in that process.”

The reporters did not like being called out for the falsehoods that they are responsible for spreading and Sarah’s answer was met with a huge backlash.

Thankfully, she is a confident woman who can stand by what she believes and what she says!

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