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North Carolina Just Forced All Welfare Recipients To Get Drug Tested – Here Are The Results:

There are too many welfare leeches these days.

And more jump on the bandwagon daily.

But, North Carolina called for drug test in 2016 and the results are here.

The results of the drug tests revealed that of 89 people that were picked for the test, 21 tested hot with drugs in their system. Considering the multitude of drug-loving liberals who exist today, we are not shocked. The results led to these individuals being removed from the welfare program and made to pay the testing free of $55. In addition to the 89 that were tested, 70 other recipients never showed up for the test.

According to our source, Angry Patriot Movement, because of the large number of those who failed and those who did not show up, North Carolina is requiring all those wishing to apply for the Work First program need to be tested for drugs. This requirement seems to be common sense and should be done in every state.

The Work First program aids lower incomes families with children and the care those children require. Adults who apply for the benefits of this program must be able to meet the work requirement involved. Many people are complaining about the testing, mostly liberals. They claim that it is a waste of money. But this testing removes drug users from the welfare system, something that should be praised and implemented across the board.

These addicts are using government money to buy drugs and that is the waste. Welfare should be used as a method to feed your family and pay your rent if you can’t make ends meet. This is why the American people are suffering. Those who are in need of welfare are unable to receive it because of the people that use it to buy drugs.

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