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Liberal Eagles Players Boycott White House Trip, Trump Has Last Laugh With Special ‘Offer’

Several Philadelphia Eagles players, after winning the Super Bowl, have vowed to boycott the White House invitation to protest President Donald Trump.

Whatever, the POTUS easily got the last laugh with his special announcement concerning their vacant seats.

Thanks to liberalism, huge number of events and programs that have absolutely no political basis at all have been tainted with social justice politics. Spreading irritating and invasive protests, leftist have officially ruined one of America’s most adored sports with their endless kneeling and cop-bashing antics.

According to our source, Mad World News, during Super Bowl LII, many viewers were pleasantly surprised to see all players on both teams standing for the National Anthem, although some against their will. But that didn’t last very long. As soon as the time for honoring the selfless men and women who’ve risked life and limb to defend their rights to demonstrate was over, several players were back up to their old ways. reported that on February 5, at least 3 Eagles players have vowed to boycott the presidential invitations extended to the Super Bowl’s winning team. Wide receiver Torrey Smit, defensive end Chris Long, and safety Malcolm Jenkins confirmed after their Sunday night victory that they have refused President Donald Trump’s gracious invitation to visit the White House.

However, unluckily for them their political temper-tantrum was overshadowed when President Trump made his own announcement. President Donald Trump showcased no animosity toward the perturbed boycotting Eagles players, instead in an undeniably classy and patriotic display offering their their vacant seats to the U.S. Military veterans the liberal athletes have repeatedly dishonored with their political stunts.

Some NFL protesters even have attempted to defend their disrespect for the flag and our nation’s military members, alleging that they’re not really protesting the anthem even though they sit, kneel, or lock arms in protest during it. There was situation when even wide receiver Torrey Smith, who also plans to boycott Trump’s invitation, admitted that his own father served in the military.

Luckily, just as these spoiled, pampered athletes are boycotting President Donald Trump, they’re feeling the sting of a viewership boycott themselves but the difference is that their little stunts aren’t hurting anyone but themselves.

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