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Laura Ingraham Just Gave Trump a BRILLIANT Idea on ENDING Sanctuary Cities

President Trump has been at the forefront of curbing illegal immigration since he took office almost one year ago, from moving forward on the wall to passing legislation to defund sanctuary cities.

Despite his valiant efforts, liberal leaders across America are determined to undermine him at every curve. Most recently, a jury of 12 acquitted five-times deported illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate in the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015.

32-year-old Steinle was shot by Zarate on a pier in downtown San Francisco and died in her father’s arms. Shockingly, Zarate was only convicted of a minor firearms possession charge and will likely walk free soon after credit for time served.

While discussing this tragic case on her show this evening, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said that beside defunding these sanctuary cities across the nation, there is something else Trump could do to honor Kate Steinle’s memory and make a very succinct point to these lawless states that was to encourage runaway illegal immigration.Image result for laura ingraham

Ingraham suggested that Trump name one of the many federal parks in San Francisco proper after Kate Steinle so that the city is forced to never forget this young woman’s memory.

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On Friday night, Laura Ingraham slammed CNN for their botched report on Donald Trump Jr.

‘Sometime it’s not fake news; it’s just wrong news,” Ingraham began.

Earlier that morning, CNN reported that during the election, WikiLeaks gave Don Jr. accesses to hacked DNC emails before they were made public. That report turned out to be inaccurate and was corrected in the afternoon.Related image

The Fox News host said that the error left CNN “once again with fried egg on its face.”

She then listed some of the media’s mistakes, from the false ABC News report that alleged that then-candidate Donald Trump ordered Gen. Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the election to The New York Times redacting much of its report on K.T. McFarland allegedly lying to Congress about Flynn’s contacts with Russia.

Ingraham called this a “wild week” for journalists given the “mistakes, and the fact-checking, and the sloppy reporting.”

“It always see the mistakes going one way,” Ingraham told her panel. “I mean, they always seem to go against Trump. They never seem to be, ‘Wow, the economy seems to be doing better’ or ‘[Robert] Mueller hasn’t found anything yet’… so I think it hurts the media’s credibility.”

She later reacted to Trump’s remarks he gave at a rally mocking the recent instances of botched reporting.

“I think that the media- they get their back up when he says stuff like this, but it actually works,” Ingraham said. “I think most people- they’re fed up with a bunch of things: Washington, they’re sick of lawyers and they’re tired of the media. And I think it plays right into what most people think, which is the media is pretty biased and biased towards the left wing.”

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