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Just Hours Ago, 2 New Laws Took Effect That Should Make Every American’s Blood Run Cold

With the new year comes new laws in the various states that will go into effect. And naturally, some of the worst of the laws coming down are in our favorite crazy liberal state of California.

Before Jan. 1, California gun owners were racing to buy ammo online, because now they will no longer be able to ship it to their homes.

Ammunition sales skyrocketed at the end of the year.
From Townhall:

Direct-mail ammo sales are up 187 percent over last year, with some of the biggest increases are in the Bay Area.

In Concord, sales have rocketed 968 percent. In Santa Clara, sales have spiked 315 percent.

Now, in order to get the ammo, it can’t be sent to you. It has to be sent to an approved firearms dealer with a federal firearms license. And you have to pick it up in person from the vendor.

Starting 2019, you will also be required to have a background check.

But there’s still even confusion as to who would qualify as a vendor and the guidelines, according to the Department of Justice.

From San Francisco CBS:

“We are waiting for them to give us the when, where and how,” said Kevin Yost, manager of Guns, Fishing and Other Things. “It’s a big unknown circle right now that we would love to have the answer to and hope to get it really soon.”

Smaller mom-and-pop retailers may stop selling ammunition altogether because of the process of getting DOJ consent.

. . . .

“Unfortunately we are still waiting for a lot of the clarity and the clarification coming down from the Department of Justice as to what these actual regulations are going to be, how they’re going to be enforced, and how they’re going to impact both the consumer and the retail store,” said Yost. “Right now we just don’t know. So until that happens, we’re waiting just like everybody else is waiting.”

Anti-gun groups say it’s about preventing criminals from having access to ammunition, not preventing law-abiding gun owners from purchasing ammunition.

Of course, it’s punishing all gun owners, while likely not cutting off the supply of criminals who generally wouldn’t go through legal routes to get their ammo to begin with.

And there’s more difficulty in store for gun owners.

From Daily Wire:

Schools will no longer be allowed to decide whether or not they’re “gun-free zones”: Because the legislature has decided for them. AB 424 says school administrators can no longer permit employees with concealed carry permits to conceal and carry firearms on campus. Which means the only people with guns on campus will be criminals and campus police, who more often than not can only respond to shootings, not prevent them.

So they are preventing gun owners from exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves at a school or even giving the schools the right to decide for themselves.

This is scary stuff, to attack from different sides the ability to freely be able to use a gun.

The heavy-handed arm of the state.

Just one of the many reasons to flee California for freer areas of the country.

But of course, every American should be concerned because anti-gun folks are trying to spread these laws across the country.

Featured Image Source H/T: DigitalNewsAlerts

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