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Hulk’ Star Lou Ferrigno: ‘Trump Is The Only Person That Actually Cares For His Country,“We Have To Respect Him. I Wish Donald Trump All The Best, He’s A Fabulous Guy, And Hope He Goes All The Way.”Do You Support Him?


The Incredible Hulk voiced a huge support for the current President of the United States, even before and during the 2016 Election.

Before the election, he was interviewed from a journalist from TMZ and when asked about Donald Trump, Lou left everyone speechless:

“I wish Donald Trump all the best, he’s a fabulous guy, I hope he goes all the way.”

“All about he cares is keeping our country safe, we have lots of problems and Donald can keep us safe, we have to give him the opportunity.” he added.

Now after more than a year with Donald Trump on the top, Lou feels like is the right time to say something huge when it comes to Trump’s presidency. He even defended Trump when Stephen Bannon harshly tried to offend our leader.

During another meeting, when asked about our leader’s inital year, he truly stated some important things:

“Trump didn’t disappoint America, as I expected. He took the opportunity to become a leader, and he deserves to stay there, because all he cares is us.”

“But it’s sad, because besides all that effort he invests for our country, there is still huge criticism,” he added.

“We have to respect him, because he is the only person that actually cares for this country,” he finished.

You’re the man Lou. Folks this is huge. Let’s share this article everywhere on social media. Let’s hit the liberals right in the face!


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