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CNN’s April Ryan Asks ‘Ridiculous’ Question, Sarah Sanders Humiliates Her

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has no time for the histrionics of the ultra-liberal members of the White House press corps. That was evidenced on Tuesday when Sanders summarily dismissed April Ryan, a White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and a CNN contributor, for her “ridiculous question” about President Donald Trump and his future.

“Question: With all of this turmoil, particularly last week, has the president at any time thought about stepping down before or now?” April Ryan asked at the press briefing on Tuesday.

“No, and I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous question,” Sarah Sanders fired back, cutting Ryan short and calling on another reporter.

A defiant Ryan shot back at Sanders, saying “It’s not a ridiculous question.” But Sanders ignored her and moved on, which angered Ryan even more.

The incident is far from the first time that April Ryan and Sarah Sanders have butted heads since President Donald Trump came to office. Her “hard-hitting” journalism continues to push the boundaries of the ridiculous, as Sanders said. It was around Thanksgiving when Ryan and Sanders had their most noteworthy and sensational interaction over a pie that the White House press secretary baked.

“I dont cook much these days, but managed this Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm!” Sanders wrote along with a photo of a pecan pie she said she baked for Thanksgiving. The pie was so beautiful that Ryan could not believe she really baked it and demanded evidence that it was real, coining the phrase “#PieGate.”

“I am not trying to be funny but folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it. I am getting the biggest laugh out of this. I am thankful for this laugh on Black Friday!”: Ryan said in response to the photo.

In true Sanders fashion, the tough as nails, quick witted press secretary offered to bake one for Ryan. “Don’t worry @AprilDRyan because I’m nice I’ll bake one for you next week #RealPie #FakeNews,” she wrote.

And it the classless fashion we have come to expect from the mainstream media, Ryan insinuated that Sanders who attempt to kill her. “Okay I want to watch you bake it and put it on the table. But forgive I won’t eat it. Remember you guys don’t like the press,” she said.

But that is far from the only time an unhinged Ryan made herself look like more of a clown than a journalist. Days after “#PieGate” Ryan was on CNN talking to host Don Lemon when she said that some reporters in the White House briefing room were “from the same party” as the president and insinuated that Sanders and the White House were racist.

Yes, seriously, after eight years of bowing to former President Obama by a White House press core compromised primarily, if not near entirely, of liberals, Ryan had the nerve to complain that some reporters in the press corps now happen to be conservatives.

“Some of these reporters were embedded with the candidates, and when they come in, they feel a friendship to a certain extent with them, then you have reporters who are from the same party,” she said. “And now if you question, you’re considered someone from the opposing party, versus just trying to get the facts. And God forbid, you are someone of a different race, I was speaking of myself, you’re considered an opposition. I don’t bring my politics, I just ask questions about what’s right and wrong, or things that go on in Washington.”

 April Ryan does not bring her politics in the briefing room the same way the Good Humor man doesn’t bring ice cream to your neighborhood on his truck. There is not one time I can remember where Ryan was not hostile towards Sarah Sanders. But now when it is given back to her, she cries.


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