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CNN Caught Failing To Report On The Biggest Story In The World Right Now

Since Thursday, there have been massive protests of thousands across Iran, protesting the government.

Starting as protests against corruption, high prices and the bad economy, it has devolved into calling for an end to the Islamic government, removal President Hassan Rouhani, Ayatollah Khamenei and the mullahs. Some have amazingly even called for a return of the Shah, calling for the Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi.

In the highly authoritarian society, these are the biggest protests since the independence movement in 2009.

But reports already are that these present protests are much more widespread and in the countryside, not just the main cities.

But despite the historic news, U.S. media over the last few days haven’t paid much attention to it.

An examination of the Twitter account of CNN, CNN International and CNN Breaking News as of Saturday afternoon revealed no reporting on it.

What do they report on instead?

Not only did CNN fail to cover the story of the massive anti-government protests on their social media, they actually wrote a story on the ‘pro-Government’ protests arranged to make it look like people were still supportive of the government.

From Biz Pac Review:

“Crowds of pro-government supporters demonstrated Saturday in Iran after two days of rare anti-government protests which spread to a number of cities,” CNN reported.

“Nearly 2,000 people gathered peacefully in the capital, Tehran, in support of the government’s policies, an eyewitness there said. State-run Iranian broadcasters showed demonstrators waving the Iranian flag at the pro-government rally, which had been scheduled before the anti-government protests broke out. Meanwhile, coverage of the anti-government protests was very limited on state-run media, which referenced them only in passing,” it continued.

Conservatives pondered whether liberal media was so invested in protecting Obama and the Iran Deal that they couldn’t bring themselves to cover or feel any excitement for people protesting for their freedom.

“Just look at what Iran Deal did to Dems,” said Omri Ceren. “They’ve become so invested in Iran regime’s survival – because regime is guarantor of the deal – can’t even offer full-throated support to protesters demanding freedom and facing down govt thugs. Make up excuses about not getting involved.”

Ceren also pointed out that the New York Times recently reported that Trump supporters in Iran were pro-government, a claim that appears exceedingly dubious, especially in hindsight.

“Massive anti-govt protests in Iran broke out exactly a month after this NYT A1 article was published saying Trump’s foreign policy had united Iranians as pro-govt,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Why does @brianstelter hate Iranians who seek freedom? Is it because they are opposing Obama’s mullah pals?” conservative pundit Kurt Schlichter put it more pointedly.

“It is amazing to watch CNN deliberately burn its credibility and ratings to the ground, all to protect James Clapper and Ben Rhodes,” The Federalist’s Sean Davis remarked.

Fox contributor Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) called out CNN to Jake Tapper on Twitter for the lack of coverage. Tapper tweeted about what Fox was covering (which had included coverage previously of the protests, although Tapper didn’t reference that).

He referenced coverage of a sign that someone put a ‘Make America Gay Again’ banner on a shared driveway owned by Vice President Mike Pence in Aspen, Colorado.

Then Miller did an epic mic drop on Tapper.

In case you missed it, CNN has been covering Trump golfing for the last several days, including spending a lot of Twitter time and airtime reporting on a box truck that momentarily blocked them from taking video of Trump golfing through a hole in the hedges at his golf club.

That apparently is much more important than historic massive protests calling for an end to the Islamic state in Iran.

Featured Image Source H/T: DigitalNewsAlerts

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