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BREAKING: Top Trump Staff Tied to Massive Network to Scam His Own Supporters

memo written for Special Counsel Robert Mueller was made public on Monday, April 2. It details the creation of a massive fake news network within days of former campaign manager Paul Manafort joining Trump’s campaign.

What follows will outline a series of coincidences which defy explanation. A post Tuesday details how Katrina Pierson, former Trump Campaign Spokeswoman, recently promoted to Trump’s 2020 Campaign Spokeswoman, has made significant sums of money by maintaining a relationship with a “ghost” contractor (Clifford S. Tang).

That this network launched days after Manafort, in addition to the existing Pierson relationship, may lead you to conclude campaign coordination and campaign finance laws were violated. This network is of such vast size and engaged in such egregious practices, that I, a Trump supporter, and other Trump supporters who have reviewed my work have mutually agreed immediate investigations must be initiated against members of Trump’s inner circle, among others.

In this article I will put forth records, screenshots, and background to compel investigation to verify the following:

  • A network of 18 million Facebook fans centralized around “TruthFeed” spread Russian military propaganda during the election and has a proven connection to top officials at the Trump campaign, definitively Katrina Pierson (we speculate 5+ top officials).
  • Katrina Pierson has a direct financial relationship with TruthFeed, screenshots attached prove she has made significant sums of money from her association with this fake news network.
  • The TruthFeed network went online within days of Manafort joining Trump’s campaign.
  • TruthFeed at present day is hosted on a LiquidWeb server with Pierson (Only 4 domains, 2 from TruthFeed, 1 Pierson).
  • Immediate questioning of “ghost” contractor Clifford S. Tang (network head) and Pierson is needed to determine if their relationship dated back to the campaign (violating campaign coordination laws).
  • Trump is likely unaware his own campaign officials made huge profit by prospectively funding and definitively profiting from “clickbait” stories often originating in Russia that were designed to mislead his own supporters.

We have attached as many records, screenshots, backups, and details on members of this network as possible after our team encountered a leak which subsequently resulted in the deletion of information further implicating Pierson.

The “network” currently estimated at 18 million Facebook fans, but which we assess may be exponentially larger, was utilized not to prove that Trump was the superior candidate but was a weaponized technological force, which on countless occasions spread stories designed to scare Trump’s own supporters. The TruthFeed network notably shared a story about “voter fraud in Broward County,” which was later found to be Russian disinformation in an indictment by Special Counsel Mueller. Despite the fact that the “network” was sharing Russian disinformation to Trump voters as a way to make a profit off of their fears, Pierson maintains an ongoing financial relationship with the network.

A report by a BuzzFeed reporter showed fake news stories receiving more attention on social media than stories of significance by legacy media.

It is now speculated that the TruthFeed network, which was prolific in its spread of fake news during the election, would have been exponentially more influential than the Wall Street Journal. Business records, detailed in the memo tie TruthFeed and Donald Trump For President as business partners through a mutual connection, thus we assess they are both “network”. These two pages encompassed but a small fraction of the network, however, the graph below, produced by BuzzFeed will give you an approximation of the influence of just a fraction of the network.

This investigation began after a Bloomberg reporter requested this reporter conduct an analysis of Facebook pages which were receiving disproportionate traffic despite a recent algorithm change which reduced the reach of political pages by up to 80% compared to February 2018.

The network, which exclusively targeted Trump supporters who became fans of the Facebook pages associated with Tang’s TruthFeed Network, filled their Facebook feeds with a constant barrage of information which was not merely “partisan” but which disregarded truth as a matter of habit so long as it would result in more website traffic.

It remains unknown how long Pierson has had a relationship with Tang, and no public comment has been made by her or her attorney, who previously threatened to sue Bloomberg over a story they wrote linking and TruthFeed together, a source revealed that the gist of the lawsuit was that since the article described the primary author of TruthFeed as a white supremacist, and subsequently mentioned Pierson’s name, it was implied she was a white supremacist. The details and domains are hosted on the same server as (the server only has 4 domains, 2 belong to Tang, 1 to Pierson, the other is random).

The memo to the Special Counsel speculates that top-level Trump campaign officials solicited a donor under auspices which remain unclear. Those funds were then somehow used to bring the network into inception. Tang, a primary actor within the network has gone to extensive lengths to remain anonymous.

Lawyers have been contracted and there exists no arrest records or photos of Tang. The only public record which exists of him is financial ties to film projects and property records in Los Angeles under his name. Though he is effectively a “ghost” due to the property records we speculate he is, in fact, a real person.

Extensive efforts were made to find the source of this constant stream of fake news which was objectively an act of hostility against the election. Researchers pulled a version of the 2016 TruthFeed website and, through observing the website code, a Facebook comments plugin had an ID attached to a Facebook account under the name “Clifford Satori.” This Facebook account maintains complete privacy, however, a single mistake led our team to assess that the “Satori” account is the account through which Clifford S. Tang operates his Facebook assets. His profile photo below is that of a Cliff (his name) and a background photo of the universe (Satori is Japanese for awakening), on speculation he is implying he is “on the edge of an awakening”.

NOTE: As of 11:50 PM PST April 4th, two days after the memo was made public, Clifford S. Tang (aka Clifford Satori) has removed his profile from Facebook, or Facebook removed it.

UPDATE: As of 7:08 AM PST April 5th, the “Clifford Satori” profile was restored on Facebook.

The “Satori” account made the mistake of not closing off the public vision of the groups to which it’s connected. Those groups were created by the Facebook pages which, during the election, spread what has been definitively declared propaganda by the Russians. These “groups” contain lists of “Satori’s” (aka Tang’s) employees, whom this reporter suggests may be aware of information which the Special Counsel may find beneficial.

After the memo’s release sources came forward to verify certain facets of the story. Both a confidential source and a reporter at Buzzfeed confirmed that Paris Wade, owner of the page “Liberty Writers” had a foreign international as a business partner. The source also revealed that TruthFeed and LibertyWriters had an agreement known as “post sharing” in which pages share each other’s posts in order to both reduce workload and to mutually benefit from posts deemed successful. Thus, Pierson maintains a present-day relationship with Tang who previously held business relationships during the election with foreign actors.

While the exact nature and duration of the relationship between Pierson and Tang remain unknown, the facts as they stand establish that Pierson either has no knowledge of the fact that her “business partner” Tang not only spread Russian propaganda but also engaged in a propaganda campaign with foreign elements. These foreign elements through their disinformation practices are what one may, without being overzealous, call “enemies” of the democratic process, due to their disregard for the truth.

Roughly one month ago, one of the Facebook pages owned by Tang operated under the username “defendingtheusa.” Should a person have gone to “,” you would have found a “network” page which was pointing regular traffic to Pierson.

Not only was there a Facebook page called “Defending The USA,” but there was also a Twitter account under the same name, “@defendingtheusa,” and a YouTube Channel under the name “Defending The USA.” Research by lawyers and technology experts have been unable to find any record of any formal organization under the name DefendingTheUSA or any iteration of it. Although it was presented to the public as what one would consider a Political Action Committee, it was merely a username chosen by a network agent.

DefendingTheUSA was used as a high response media asset to bolster Trump’s approval with African-Americans during a time in which he was polling low in that demographic. When a media report claimed that Trump was a racist, a day later on the YouTube channel of DefendingTheUSA, Lynne Patton, the current head of New York HUD, appeared in a viral video in which she put forth messages to counter public narratives against the allegation made.

Lynne Patton’s Twitter profile is a picture of her with Pierson.

There also exist many photos of them together, and the assertion that they are “close” does not seem improper. Patton was the front facing representative of media assets controlled by Tang.

Screenshots provided will show that DefendingTheUSA destroyed their Twitter account. Around this time, the Facebook page was “renamed” under the username “teamtrump2018.” The page’s name “USA Patriots For Donald Trump” remained the same. It was only a discrepancy observed in a tracking program which led to the observation of this name change.

Why they chose to destroy significant portions of the internet history of this organization remains speculative. The methodical destruction of the web history of a front-facing media asset utilized publicly by the campaign suggests that the problem may not have to do with the asset itself, but the way in which it was financed. Tang owns the Facebook page previously named “defendingtheusa” which is commensurate with this thought line.

Then-candidate Trump, Eric Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Dan Scavino and Michael Cohen engaged in habitual social media contact with “DefendingTheUSA.” Screenshots of these interactions are attached. DefendingTheUSA has had almost all trace of its existence save for its YouTube channel and the tweets screenshotted have been removed methodically.

The above “coincidences” and subsequent appearance of a cover-up increase the probability that campaign coordination may have occurred, and further campaign finance laws were prospectively skirted or violated. That these officials of Trump’s campaign acted with more malice than Russian propaganda agents, the latter who were under orders, and the former who have profited heavily from the lies they have told to Trump’s own supporters.

Further, if there was collusion of any kind with foreign actors, it seems as if this set of media assets would be fruitful to investigate.

As asserted in the memo, communication channels prospectively existed between the network and Trump campaign, it would have been incredibly easy to transfer data to the Trump team about visitors to the network’s site.

Using simple technology, such as Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel, the network would have been able to track tens of millions of voters who it had manipulated to believe that incidents and threats existed which never did. The Trump campaign, should it have received this data, would have found these users to be of “high value” in that they were easily impressionable and would have been prime targets in what is known as “get out the vote” efforts.

The president promised to come to D.C. to “drain the swamp.” Based off of the above findings, an entirely different kind of swamp animal, with equal or greater disregard for the American people, exists in his inner circle.

Based off of the memo, our subsequent piece illustrating Pierson’s means of monetizing her relationship with the network, and the sources thereafter who came forward to verify assertions made in the memo, it seems overwhelmingly likely that something of an illegal nature took place here.

The above findings are collectively substantive and demand an urgent investigation. The President’s inner circle should be purged of actors who have performed malicious acts, and potential crimes, against the public.

If you suspect that crimes have been committed against your democracy after reading these findings, share this article broadly, whether you are a Conservative or a Liberal, we can mutually agree upon the most basic of things, that those who look upon elections as business opportunities instead of sacred practices have no place in government.

You the reader will have the government you deserve. Demand more.

P.S. I will be coming to D.C. and making myself available to any media, law enforcement, and politicians who wish to be briefed on our findings in addition to additional evidence not yet revealed.

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