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BREAKING News From DC!!! Secret Service SWARMS Vice President’s House

Vice President Mike Pence decided to invite the Secret Service members and their families for a dinner.

He hosted the event at his residence, the Number One Observatory Circle.

Pence believed that it is a priority to organize a dinner for the “selfless and dedicated” members of the Secret Service.

Many photos surfaced where we can see the kindness presented by Mike Pence. On one photo we can see him welcoming the son of one Secret Service officer. Pence also gave him a toy car. The kids were thrilled to tour around the house and see the Christmas decorations. Mike Pence and his wife had an amazing time.

The photos of the event gave us the opportunity to see how good of a job the decorators did. Pence’s residence looked wonderful. The volunteers who decided to help with the decorations did it all for free.

Among the Christmass tree, the house had the traditional stockings, a beautiful Nativity scene, and a huge Gingerbread house.

Before the whole event started, the vice president sent several Christmass cards. His wife Karen posted a photo of her and Mike Pence on Twitter. They were standing next to the Christmass tree which looked amazing.

Apparently, Karen enjoys carrying the traditional Christmas spirit. The White House announced every movement where she accomplished every planned project connected with Christmas.

The White House reported that The Second Lady gifted several coloring books and crayons to the children who received medical care. She also shared her remarks which were a huge encouragement to the families.

She also visited the art therapy program where she gave a bracelet to the art therapist. She wanted to show how much she appreciates the work done there.

Karen Pence stated: “The children at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital provide so much inspiration and hope. I was encouraged by the positive spirits and laughter and appreciate the opportunity to share some time with them during this holiday season.”

The Chief Nursing Officer, Eileen Ferrell was thrilled to have Mrs. Pence there. She stated: “We’re so pleased to have a visit from Mrs. Pence to help brighten the days of our sick children who unfortunately must be hospitalized so close to the holidays. We thank her for the smiles she spread here today at MedStar Georgetown.”

Furthermore, Karen went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC where she met the kids and their families. She also provided them with coloring books and crayons.



It is promising to see that our administration is caring and kind. After all, these are the most important values of the country and we can see that the Vice President and President Donald Trump are keeping up with them. Aside from the many other issues, they showed that they won’t put aside their interest in the people.

We are lucky to have these leaders who will change the path of the country for the better. Surely, this is the right path to make America great again.

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