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BREAKING: FL Governor Is Doing It To Crooked Sheriff’s ENTIRE Police Dept – HELL YEAH!

In the past four months, America has suffered two major mass shootings from an outdoor concert to a public school. While the locations have been different, both seemed to share negligent failure in preventing these tragedies from happening in the first case and a flawed investigation after the mass loss of innocent lives. While the Las Vegas massacre has essentially become a cold case, at least to the public, Florida Governor Rick Scott is not going to allow that to happen to the Parkland school victims who deserve justice in this scandal-ridden shooting.

The deadly attack could have been avoided numerous times before Nikolas Cruz even made it to the school or even stopped once first started shooting. It wasn’t since cowards were running the show, as several Broward County cops and the school’s armed guard listened to kids be killed inside as they remained outside safe from harm. Leading this department of non-heroic officers is Sheriff Scott Israel who had a lot of skeletons in his closet that have come out since the shooting, which may have played a part into why this department failed to effectively do their job.

Rather than making excuses for complete failure or contributing in covering it up, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott is taking massive action against Israel and the entire Broward County Police department. As was just announced today, to ensure justice for these victims and the loved ones they leave behind, Scott just called for the investigation into the shooting to be focused on law enforcement for their negligent response to the shooting.

This comes after news that not only did the armed school security guard refuse to enter the school and protect the students and staff, opting to hide outside instead, along with four Broward County cops who hid in the parking lot as well, but EMT emergency responders were given a “Stand Down” order on arrival to the scene. All of these factors, which by choice or by command, played a critical part in preventing more lives from being lost that day and are counter to common protocol in these situations.

One EMT who was among the first to arrive on the scene at Stoneman Douglas High School, stated that the entire response was botched from the beginning. He refuses to give his name for fear of retaliation, but feels it’s important that he shares what he witnessed.

The Blaze reports:

“According to the first responder, everything about the response was completely botched.

“Everything I was trained on mass casualty events says they did the wrong thing,” he explained. “You don’t wait for the scene to be cleared. You go in immediately armed. Retrieve the victims. You can’t leave the victims laying there.”

“We were asking to go in. Asking the scene commander to go in. Why are we all standing around? Why are we not having patients to treat? Why are we not going into the building and retrieving these kids? The response every time was law enforcement did not clear the scene and would not allow medical personnel to go in,” he added.

The EMS worker believes that if he and other medical responders were allowed to enter the building as soon as they arrived, they could have saved more lives. He explained he was willing to risk his life to save the lives of others and was very frustrated over the situation.

The EMS worker stressed that he believes law enforcement made the decision they thought was best at the time, but emphasized that he believes it was the wrong one.

“They should have been more aggressive about getting the victims out,” he said.

What does law enforcement say?

With allegations that the Broward County sheriff’s department botched the response to the shooting — including its deputy stationed at the school, in addition to three other sheriff deputies, not engaging the shooter and only standing outside behind cover — law enforcement is in full damage-control mode.

There’s a lot about Sheriff Israel himself that’s come out since questions started to surface, including having received a lot of questionable cash from a convicted felon to fun his campaign, to his personal connection with Hillary Clinton, along with much more in between, which we’ve documented here. Israel has a lot in common with Clinton, including his propensity to apparently lie, as Florida’s Attorney General just accused him of doing to both her and Governor Scott about this case.

After discovering his dishonesty in the details he provided about his department’s response to the school attack, AG Pam Bondi says that she now knows “a lot more” on the shooting that she cannot say right now, according to BizPac Review. This crucial and perhaps damning information will undoubtedly be revealed in the investigation that Scott just called for.

Those who gave the directive to force others to go against what needed to be done to stop the senseless bloodshed, or decided not to honor their oath to protect and serve on their own that day need to be held accountable. Thankfully, the governor is ensuring that happens.

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