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BREAKING: Calls For Gov. Brown’s Resignation After What He Secretly Did To President Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown is against almost every policy made by President Donald Trump.

However, for Brown, the biggest “problem” from Trump’s agenda is the immigration policy.

However, he received a lot of backlashes after his activity with hundreds of criminal illegal aliens got exposed.

It seems that Brown decided to involve himself in the business between the federal officials and the immigrants who were supposed to be deported. The worst part of his actions is that he put his own state in danger.

Apparently, he thought that it would be smart to pardon hundred illegal immigrants who are being charged with crimes such as drug trafficking or drug possession. Also, many of them were convicted of weapon possession and assault.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Brown took advantage of his position and pardoned 132 people who are facing criminal charges. He even reduced the penalties of 19 other. Apparently, he defined his actions towards the criminals as an act of mercy.

He actually ruined the work done by the immigration officials who were very dedicated to catching these criminal illegal aliens and deport them. According to attorney Kevin Lo of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, because of his pardons, the applicants won’t have any reason to be deported.

Apparently, the reward for giving pardons in California goes to Brown. Since 2011, he has given 1,059 pardons. Way to go! Now, the violence rate will come back to normal, despite the numerous attempts from President Trump to lower it. He was quite successful in it until a person like Brown came in and destroyed his work.

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