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BOMBSHELL! They’re Calling For Obama’s IMMEDIATE Arrest – He Was Just BUSTED Overnight!

These past few weeks, Barack Obama’s terrible plot with the Muslim terrorists has been discovered and it might go down as the biggest scandal in the U.S. history.

In order to appease Iran, he derailed efforts by the FBI and DEA to prosecute Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations.

Now, even more disturbing information is coming out and Obama has no where to run.

We all suspected that Barack Obama was purposefully putting dangerous arsenal into the hands of ISIS terrorists after learning about his gun-running scheme in Libya, where he armed the Free Syrian Army, who was later discovered to be the front group of ISIS. But, new evidence came out that show the reason behind this deliberate treason.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, it’s no surprising that the U.S. weapons made it into the hands of ISIS. The antiwar activist Cindy Sheenan blames Obama and claims that his actual goals was the weapons to get into the hands of the extremists and also to destabilize the Middle East and control resources.

The international arms monitor, Conflict Armament Research, examined 40.000 recovered weapons left behind by retreating ISIS troops since 2014. One batch of U.S. military weapons supplied to extremist Syrian rebels were being used by ISIS only two months after delivery.

“I think it is incorrect to assume that the CIA/US is losing control of its weapons. Washington and the CIA wanted the Daesh forces in Syria to have control of many U.S. supplied heavy weapons, including missiles,” Sheenan said.

But it wasn’t just the weapons. Even chemical agents that used to make explosives were also sent to ISIS. They used to make weapons, ammunition and explosives. The findings revealed that the weapons shipped to local groups have the unexpected result of benefiting the enemy. The unauthorized transfer of munitions that were intended to benefit the groups fighting found their way to ISIS.

Obama worked along side the Taliban in Afghanistan to ensure that the terror group would become the world’s top leader in heroin, where their enterprise is generating billions of dollars for the terror group to carry out their operation in the West. They spent a decade funding their operation from opium farms and the mass production of heroin. This was able to take place under the Obama administration which refused to target their illicit operations.

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