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The race card never fails! And neither does the “Royalty Card?”

When United Airlines had to boot a paying customer from first class in order to make room for a member of Congress social media outlets erupted with outrage against the already embattled airline industry. But in this case, you just can’t really blame the airline.

The Democrat Representative from Texas Sheila Jackson Lee has developed a reputation for making life hell for any clerk, stewardess, or pilot unwilling. or just unable, to make her three-and-a-half-hour flight to and from Congress anything less than glamorous. As she takes advantage of federal travel perks to book multiple flights only to cancel them at the very last minute at no charge. And once she gets on a flight she demands an upgrade to premium seating, such as first class, while at the same time claiming she expects “to be treated like a queen.” The worst part about all this is she has been pulling this garbage since she was elected to public office for the first time back in 1995.

Don’t you just feel sorry for the poor man who had to sit next to that? Below is Jean-Marie Simon, a schoolteacher from Washington DC who originally had paid for her first class seat.

The Washington Examiner Reports:

Woman accuses United of giving her first-class seat to Sheila Jackson Lee

A passenger on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Washington, D.C., accused the airline of giving her first-class seat to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

The congresswoman, in turn, said it appeared the passenger targeted her “because I was an African-American woman.”

Jean-Marie Simon, 63, said she purchased her flight for the last leg of her trip from Guatemala to Washington on Dec. 3 with 140,000 airline miles, the Houston Chronicle reported Saturday. When she attempted to board her flight on Dec. 18, she was informed her seat had been sold, and she was given a $500 voucher and re-seated in Economy Plus.

After the flight was delayed, Simon said she saw Jackson Lee board with a flight attendant before the other passengers. She said she did not know who the congresswoman was until another passenger told her.

Simon went to the front of the plane and snapped a photo of the congresswoman in her reserved seat. Afterward, a flight attendant sat down next to her and asked if she “was going to be a problem” on the flight.

United said Simon’s seat was given up after she canceled her flight through the United app.

“After thoroughly examining our electronic records, we found that upon receiving a notification that Flight 788 was delayed due to weather, the customer appears to have canceled her flight from Houston to Washington, D.C. within the United mobile app,” United said in a statement. “As part of the normal pre-boarding process, gate agents began clearing standby and upgrade customers, including the first customer on the waitlist for an upgrade.”

Simon denied canceling her flight and sent a screenshot to the Houston Chronicle of her United profile showing the flight as “inactive.”

The airline responded saying that because she eventually took the flight, it would not say “canceled” next to it.

Jackson Lee issued a statement Saturday saying she “asked for nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary and received nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary.”

“Since this was not any fault of mine, the way the individual continued to act appeared to be, upon reflection, because I was an African-American woman, seemingly an easy target along with the African-American flight attendant who was very, very nice,” the congresswoman said.

Simon told the Chronicle the congresswoman was accusing her of racism and said she had no idea who was given her pre-booked seat when she originally complained at the gate.

She said she wants a written apology from the airline.

United came under fire earlier this year when a video of a passenger being forcibly dragged off a plane after he refused to give up his seat went viral.

Ummm, Congresswoman, let me just remind you of a few facts, You are chosen by the people. You are here to serve us, Which means you work for us. We are not Great Britain, you are no queen, in fact, you are far from it. You are a mere public servant and you should bow at the altar of “We The People” who elected you. Not really completely sure as to why people in Texas continue to vote to put you in office, but this has got to stop and people need to wake the hell up. And if your constituents aren’t smart enough to see who you really are then your own party should ask you to step down over your royalty complex.

Our great nation was founded on the idea that people would get together and choose a person to send to DC to represent them, usually, that person was someone they didn’t care to have around or close by. It was never meant for those chosen few to develop royalty complexes.

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