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BOMBSHELL: Obama Held Sick Secret Meeting Right Before Trump’s Inauguration – Look Who He Met With!

Besides the fact that the mainstream media continues to claim that Russian agents helped steal the election away from Hillary Clinton more evidence continues to emerge that this entire narrative is one giant cover-up of the actual crime concerning Hillary and her deleted emails.

A mysterious letter from former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice was discovered over the last few days. In fact, in this letter that Susan Rice penned to herself held the clues to a secret meeting that Obama held right before Donald Trump was sworn into office.

The cruel reality is that the Obama administration was riddled with corrupt individuals, and yet for years nothing was done about it. However, it seems like that is over now. As we know, the mainstream media has been busy pushing the fake Russian-Trump collusion story in a desperate attempt to shift the focus off of the real criminals that are hiding out in Washington D.C. under the Obama administration.

Fortunately those offenders are finally being revealed.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, during the questioning in which, top Obama officials over the last year, have testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee grilled former Obama administration staffers about what methods were used to determine when these intelligence agencies realized that this dossier was indeed a fake.

Former FBI director James Comey was one of the people questioned. He held back critical information and we know that thanks to the strange message that Susan Rice sent to herself. Comey failed to disclose in his testimony that he held a meeting with Obama, which is part of the letter that Rice sent to herself.

 That this email was discovered it has opened up a whole new can of worms that I am sure the left was hoping to keep quiet.
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