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Bette Midler Tells Trump & Supporters ‘F*ck Your Prayers,’ Gets BURNED Big Time

Bette Midler is echoing much of the Hollywood crowd’s hypocrisy when it comes to the latest school shooting. Immediately, the leftists took their bogus moral superiority to new heights as Midler told President Donald Trump and his supporters, “F*ck your prayers!” Midler says prayers are useless as she blames the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association for mass shootings. Well, she just got burned, big time.

Bette Midler, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, and Chelsea Handler are all suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They aren’t the only ones in the Hollywood crowd with a bad case of TDS, though. In fact, it has pretty much infected all of  Tinseltown. And, when we have a tragedy like this mass shooting at a high school in Florida, they all turn their wrath on Trump and guns.

To them, President Trump includes all of his supporters, anyone who loves America and what she stands for and believes that the Founding Fathers founded this country on Judeo-Christian principles, and anyone who supports the Second Amendment. Those are the “Deplorables,” and the mass shooting’s fault, to Midler, lies with those Deplorables.



If you read through the “Divine Miss M’s” twitter feed, it reads like a hate-fest to Christians and gun owners. “F*ck you & your worthless thoughts and prayers; you & your obfuscating shills got what you wanted, $$$, while our kids get to die in school,” tweeted Midler. It was directed at a Mitch McConnell tweet, but really, it’s for anyone who does not agree that gun confiscation is the answer.

The left and their media whores have been non-stop screaming that “something must be done, the government must fix these mass shootings at schools,” and anyone who disagrees with their “fix” is loathsome, backwoods hillbillies, uneducated morons who are “clinging to our God and our guns.”

Well, those supposedly loathsome, uneducated Deplorables had something to say to Bette Midler and her Hollywood crowd. “You and your obfuscating shills in the entertainment industry glorify violence, especially gun violence, in movies and TV, which teaches kids that’s the best way to solve problems and get even. So spare me your righteous indignation,” blasted “Bean Counter,” responding to Midler in a tweet.

Then, there was a one-liner that really hit the nail on the head. Twitter user “the Mullet 2.018” tweeted to Bette and her cronies, “Now do Planned Parenthood,” which caused one of Midler’s minions, “Better Whirled,” to go nuts, responding, “You’re actually drawing a moral equivalence between the planned execution of teens & adults to a woman making the difficult choice to terminate the unwanted pregnancy of a fetus with no neurological system, no functioning brain, no spinal cord? Seriously?” Unfortunately, all of the “facts” in her response are unequivocally false, and all it takes is a simple Google search for fetal development to know it.

Yeah, something happened in the 1970’s — abortion was made legal and mass shootings rapidly started to rise. Do you think that maybe it’s not the guns fault, but it’s societies fault for taking the sanctity of life and throwing it in the trash?

If we have a culture where mothers kill their own children in their wombs, then life is not valued, and it’s no longer sacred. Killing becomes normal, acceptable.

“According to a recent study released by the Congressional Research Service, the average rate of mass public shootings — defined by the FBI as ‘a multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, in at least one or more public locations’ — has gone up from being a singular, annual tragedy in the 1970s (a 1.1 incidence rate) to about 4.5 incidences per year between 2010 and 2013,” reports Time.

The sole purpose of Planned Parenthood is abortions, and 97.9 percent of abortions are done when there is nothing wrong with the mother or the child, according to statistics.

So, these loser leftists can stop with their rationale as to why abortions must be legal. Even prior to Roe vs. Wade, if a mother’s health was in danger, she would have the option of abortion. Why are we producing more sociopaths who are going out and doing these mass shootings?

As a Register Nurse who worked for five years as the charge nurse of the psychiatric locked ward at LA County USC Medical Center, the untreated mental illness myth of mass shooters is just that. They suffer from an antisocial personality disorder, which is not treated with medication.

There is no “imbalance” in their brains. It happens in childhood, where there isn’t a good bond with their mothers. But, don’t tell the feminist movement that their utopia of abortions and mothers having to work instead of caring for their children can lead to mass shootings. You’ll be labeled a crazy right-wing fanatic and a woman hater.

So, Bette Midler and her Hollywood crowd who blame mass shootings on guns, President Donald Trump, and his supporters are the uneducated loathsome fools, who have no clue what they are talking about. I’ll stick with praying to God for our country, which has killed 59 million Americans in the womb since 1973, and I’ll pray for all who are victims to violence.

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