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Assange Suddenly Drops A Truth Bomb About John McCain And Russian…

John McCain has been catering to the liberal left by campaigning against the Russian government. He even went so far as to label it an “act of war.”

But there is more. In a rather shocking discovery made by Wikileaks, it seems it wasn’t too long ago he was illegally campaigning for Russian ambassador, Vitaly Churkin…to provide donations for 2008 McCain/Palin GOP ticket.

In 2008 a letter on a fundraising attempt from John McCain, was released by the Russian mission.

Apparently John McCain had been illegally asking for campaign donations from the Russian Ambassador. (the same one that suddenly died on Monday) This globalist rails against Russian influence while he himself participated in it.

As if this isn’t bizarre enough, when the Russian Embassy in New York was contacted by True Pundit for comment in regards to this letter, the diplomatic staff reported that Ambassador Churkin, had suddenly and mysteriously passed away. If nothing else it`s a weird and suspicious coincidence.

Then again this is expected from a man like him in a time like this. He was exposed so many times by conservative media and i don’t simply understand how he still has a job and is not in jail.

Some people are real liars and want to watch America burn. Spread this everywhere so every each one in America really knows who John McCain is.

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