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After Receiving Christmas Tree, Melania & Barron Turn and Show Onlookers a Holiday Miracle

On Monday afternoon in Washington DC, First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump continued the long-time tradition of receiving the official White House Christmas tree. Usually it is done on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but since President Trump and his family will be in Florida for the holiday weekend, Melania chose to have the tree delivered on Monday instead.

Melania and Barron met the horse-drawn carriage in front of the White House where a small group of musicians played Christmas songs in the background. Melania accepted the 19ft Balsam fir from Jim and Diane Chapman, owners of a Wisconsin tree farm. The Chapmans won the annual contest hosted by the National Christmas Tree Association, and as their victory prize, they had the honor of personally presenting the tree to Melania and Barron.

After both Malania and Barron gave their official approval, the Christmas tree was carried into the Blue Room, where it will stay until after Christmas. President Trump has made a point of putting the word “Christmas” back into the holiday season, despite many liberal agendas determined to continue the war on Christmas.

Once the official photos were taken, Melania and Barron walked over to the crowd of onlookers and greeted each of them. Melania can be heard thanking them for being there and asking what they think of the tree. What a holiday treat for all of the supporters who showed up to watch our First Lady accept the tree! She is seen speaking with children and their parents watching from behind the roped area. They likely never expected her to come over and greet each of them afterwards!

Melania is such a blessing to this country! She has truly demonstrated what it means to be a compassionate and loving American. Keep her and her family in your prayers this holiday season!

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