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After Charlie Daniels Sees Schumer Bashing Trump, He Makes Chucky ‘Cry & Wet His Pants’

Charlie Daniels is not someone you want to make mad, but the beloved American icon just set his sights on that fool, Senator Chuck Schumer, who has been on a rampage, bashing President Donald Trump and his tax cuts plan that is sending much-needed relief to millions of Americans. Daniels got so fed-up with Chucky, he just made him cry and wet his pants. You don’t want to miss this.

Charlie Daniels makes no bones about his support for President Donald Trump. The 81-year-old country singer is very well informed politically, and he has seen it all. He grew up in North Carolina and was a huge critic of the Obama administration.

Lately, Daniels has been trolling the corrupt media and their counterparts, the Democrats, via his social media accounts. Well, it seems the country icon has heard enough of Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer, along with his sidekick Nancy Pelosi. The dreadful duo has called Trump’s tax cuts everything from “Frankenstein’s monster” to “killing of disabled people.”

“If they haven’t learned it yet, they’re going to learn it next November,” Schumer said, according to the Washington Examiner. “Republicans will rue the day they passed this bill, and the American people will never let them forget it.”

Right, what a bunch of malarkey. Charlie Daniels thinks so too and just made Chucky cry and wet his pants with this tweet, which read, “Mr Schumer, in just eight years you guys increased the national debt by almost ten trillion dollars, saddled us with Obamacare, cut our military and knuckled under to any foreign country that frowned at you. And you’ve still got the nerve to criticize?”

But, that’s not all. Daniels took on all Democrats as the tax cuts bill passed. He knew all their wailing and gnashing of teeth was a “sign” of something really great about to happen. He tweeted, “I might have been born at night, but not last night and I’ve got enough sense to know that when the democrats start screaming something great must be happening to America.”

Amen to that. Millions of Americans aren’t fooled by the Democrats shenanigans. Daniel’s Twitter feed is a font of wisdom, and after the totally unhinged House Minority Leader Pelosi freaked out, tweeting, “Shamefully, Republicans were cheering against the children as they rob from their future and ransack the middle class to reward the rich #GOPTaxScam,” he let the crazy California Congresswoman know he’s got her number, saying, “If Nancy Pelosi was cut out to be the leader of the House Democrats she sure was sewed up wrong.”

Daniels is known for the song the “Devil Went Down To Georgia,” but now, he says the devil went down to Washington, D.C. He sees ole Chucky as one of those “devils in the swamp Trump is draining.”

Daniels also weighed in on the United Nations rejecting Trump’s plan to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “The United States of America is a free and sovereign nation and we reserve the right to put our embassies any damn place we want to. If the UN don’t like it they should just kick us out. We’d be better off,” opined Charlie via Twitter. 

We have to agree with those sentiments, too. The patriotic fiddle player also made a prediction, tweeting, “If the tax bill works I wonder how Pelosi-Schumer will try to take credit for it. Maybe they voted against it before they voted for it.”

Daniels, who has enjoyed a 60-year-reign in country music, let ole Chucky know the “Deplorables” aren’t impressed with his delusional ravings. The North Carolina native is a staunch supporter of the police and the military and has given his time and money to both of those causes.

Charlie prayed online, “Lord in this world of lies, deceit and downright betrayal give us the decimation to pick very carefully those we choose to trust.” God Bless Charlie Daniels, a real patriot who is calling out the real evil of our time.

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